Simply Tees by flipflopnana

Simply Tees by flipflopnana

I am excited to announce my newest endeavor “Simply Tees

Simply Tees is my newest Zazzle shop. I started it from my love of fun t-shirts.  You will be able to find fun, whimsical, and inspirational t-shirts for everyone there. I have started with a handful of designs and am adding new designs daily.  Every t-shirt is totally customizable. I am also very happy to do custom orders for you too.

Flipflops and t-shirts have always been a way of life for me. They remind me to relax, slow down, and take time to enjoy the ride. Where ever our travels would take us I never missed a chance to browse the gift shops for t-shirts.  I guess it is only natural that after all these years of t-shirt collecting that I open up my own little shop. T-shirts are such a fun way to make a statement about anything you would like to share even if it is as simple as your love for bunnies.

Shhh, I still have my favorite worn out tees from many years ago packed away. They bring back so many fond memories that I just can’t let them go. 

I invite you to come and check out Simply Tees.

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